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Title City Countries Start Date
EARTHQUAKE AND LIGHT POLLUTION Online Event Romania March 20, 2019
Lights off Stars on! Antananarivo Madagascar March 30, 2019
Archie's Late Night Party Lincoln United States of America June 13, 2019
Our sky: Heritage and Science Telde Spain April 2, 2019
Our sky: Heritage and Science (II) Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Spain May 7, 2019
S t a r l i g h t s: l’Universo in un filo di luce Roma Italy May 16, 2019
Tech Week - Light Pollution workshops Cork Ireland May 13, 2019
MoonLanding50 - Morocco : Let's Celebrate Tahanaoute Morocco July 20, 2019
astrophotos exhibition Guerrara - Ghardaia Algeria April 25, 2019
Night Sky and Planets Gorakhpur India March 5, 2020
Night SKy Tour Gorakhpur India Feb. 17, 2020
Astronomy at Home Online Event United States of America March 25, 2020
La Mancha to the stars La Mancha, Veracruz. Mexico Aug. 22, 2019 Online Event WorldWide July 2, 2022
Shoot for the stars Online Event WorldWide Sept. 24, 2022
Dark Skies Boston United States of America March 15, 2023