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Hello KARACHI! City OFF Lights,Just look up, We all are under the same "starry sky". Karachi Pakistan April 30, 2019
THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT SPACE Karachi Pakistan May 29, 2019
Discussion on Light Pollution with Rehan Allahwala Online Event Pakistan May 14, 2019
Smart City of Lights Pakistan Radio Broadcast on Hot FM105 with Dr Fatima Yousuf Online Event Pakistan June 14, 2019
Light Pollution Campaign on Relax Radio 93.25Mhz Fm Chiang Mai Thailand Chiang Mai Thailand Aug. 16, 2019
LITLIGHT OPEN MIC (Light Pollution) Karachi Pakistan Oct. 4, 2019
Lights and Quarantine KCL Talks Online Event WorldWide April 13, 2020