Turn on the Night KIT 

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Credit: V. Grigore (SARM)

Summary:  Light pollution is slowly causing our starry night skies to fade away. With simple solutions that light responsibly, we can reclaim and preserve dark, starry night skies.  “Turn on the Night” educational kit immerses students and the general public in experiencing light pollution issues and solutions.

Description of the Kit: Based on the Quality Lighting Teaching Kit developed by the National Optical Astronomy Observatory, Turn on the Night kit will be released for market by the manufacturer, Laser Classroom, in the early spring of 2019. The activities in the “Turn on the Night” kit allow students and the public to address real lighting problems that relate to sky glow, glare, light trespass and energy consumption. The activities are designed around problem-based learning scenarios. The activities are optimized for 11-18 year olds but can be expanded to older individuals. Most of the activities can be done within in a few minutes during class or afterschool and as stations or as stand-alones. Everything you need for the activities is included in the kit. Tutorial videos on activities in the predecessor kit (the “Quality Lighting Teaching Kit”) show how to do the activities and can be found at www.noao.edu/education/qltkit.php.

During 2019, 100 people from over 50 countries were provided with a kit through the IAU100 Dark Skies for All programme. Kits can be obtained from Laser Classroom. This is a no-profit collaboration between IAU and NOAO and Laser Classroom. 

For enquiries, please contact darkskies4all@iau.org.